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Why Choose SaaS Bricks Consulting?


We have years of experience in building and maintaining SaaS applications. A good example of a product, created and maintained by SaaS Bricks developers is Semplates, a browser-based application to manage email templates on AWS SES.


Our developers previously worked for companies like Bauer AG, Deloitte Consulting, and Volkswagen AG. We meet the highest standards when it comes to software development and assure code quality and state-of-the-art technologies when building applications.


Our developers have various educational backgrounds. From aviation, mathematics, and physics to computer science. With that and specializations on different stacks, we can ensure to quality on the frontend, backend, and in the cloud.


We have a long list of happy customers in various different industries and with different requirements for stacks and applications. From hardware integrations, cloud infrastructure and automation to data science projects and web apps and websites. 


We work very closely with the customer to understand their needs and requirements. This way we can assure to always feedback on ideas and product updates with the user and implement functionalities in as little time as possible.

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