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Software Consulting
& Development

At Saas Bricks Consulting we are dedicated to help you with developing the software that makes your business thrive. Do you need a complete team to develop a SaaS product or only a single developer that supports you in an existing application - we can help out!

Our Services

Our Services

SaaS Bricks Consulting offers solutions in multiple areas of Software Development. 

Ramp-up as a Service

Starting out with a new application and need an MVP without making technical compromises? Then check out our Ramp-up as a Service offer.


AWS, GCP, or Azure? At SaaS Bricks we have experience with settings up infrastructure with the main providers of cloud services.

DevOps / MLOps

Need to automate deployments or ML Models? SaaS Bricks can support you with setting up automation scripts and pipelines.

Data Processing

Transform, organize and structure raw data. We can help you set up data pipelines and databases that match your needs.

SaaS Development

SaaS Bricks supports you with settings up the infrastructure, backend and frontend for your SaaS Product. 

API Development

Fast applications need fast APIs. We can help you with building REST or GraphQL APIs that scale.

Ready to find out more?

Use the form below to get in contact with us. In the first meeting, we can discuss your needs and check how we can support you with development.

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