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Ramp-up as a Service

With multiple years of Software as a Service Development, SaaS Bricks offers setups for different stacks. The most commonly used are PERN (PostgreSQL, Express, React, Node) and similarly React, Python FastAPI, and PostgreSQL. Of course, Technologies and Frameworks can be exchanged easily. For example, we could use Vue instead of React for the Frontend or we could exchange PostgreSQL for MongoDb as a Database layer. We are also flexible when it comes to the Backend and API technology. We have strong experience with building both, GraphQL APIs as well as REST APIs. When it comes to Cloud and hosting the application and infrastructure, we work with the main cloud providers. AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure. In order to quickly spin up your infrastructure and get a first MVP ready, we use Infrastructure as Code (Terraform). With this technology, we can set up and automate your infrastructure within a concise time frame.


SaaS Bricks can reduce the Time to Product significantly. We can set up the whole infrastructure, frontend, backend, and authentication within less than one week. This saves you a lot of time and contains all the best practices regarding code quality and automation in 2023.


Additionally, by saving 2 months of development time, you can reduce costs significantly. As of now, developers are hard to find, therefore, we additionally help with recruiting.


With our Ramp up as a service program, you can bridge the time to find the right developers for your team while already working on your product and getting it market-ready.

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